Dedicated experts with a
passion for hearing health.


Ground Team

These volunteers dedicate their time and expertise to bring awareness, education, and hearing health to those who need it. 


David Lee,

Margaret Tsang, Founder

Jon Cheung,

Ryan Steckley,

Audiology Volunteers
Lucy Guo
Lacey Beierbach
Prabh Sran
Shannon Polzin
Chelsea Macdonald


Outreach Volunteers
Brooke Saxbee
Raymond Steckley



"A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

Margaret Mead



Our ambassadors are out spreading the word about the Gift of Hearing, acting as a representative and promotor for our cause.   


Bow River Hearing
In 2018 Gift of Hearing was founded based on principles, goals and vision established by Bow River Hearing.


Friends for Life International

FLI group has been supporting the Yamasá Mission for over 17 year. Their support, advice, and leadership has been integral in our success. 


Emma Logan

Emma is a student at  St. Francis-Xavier University who joined the Gift of Hearing Team in 2018 after building a campaign platform  to collection used hearing aids.


Nu Life Hearing
Our partners in the east, working to bring awareness and education in Ontario.


Phonak Canada
Supporting GOH with leadership since our inception. 


Hearing Aid Rental
Supporting our Mission to Yamasá with over 200 hearing aid donations to date.