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Give the Gift of Hearing so others can stay connected to those they love.


Supporting education, awareness, and the enjoyment of hearing.


Mission to Yamasà

Once a year, our Gift of Hearing Foundation team makes its way to a small town in the Dominican Republic, called Yamasá. There we test and fit over 100 patients annually with donated hearing aids.

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Gift of Hearing in Calgary

While the government offers some support for those with hearing loss, it doesn't always reach those who need it most. That's when we do our best to step in and help.

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Know Your Hearing Campaign

Every month, throughout Calgary, you can find David Lee presenting at our hearing health seminars. His topics include tinnitus, dementia, and what a string telephone can teach you about hearing.

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Awareness & Outreach

Our goal is to bring hearing health awareness and education to all Canadians to ensure they understand how to protect, maintain and enjoy their hearing. You'll find our team at the Calgary Home Show, festivals and many events throughout town. 

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Amilia hears words for the first time

Read Amilia's story and the stories of others for whom Gift of Hearing provided help in restoring their hearing, confidence and quality of life.

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Featured HEaring health SEMINAR

Hearing Aid Essentials Seminar

Join us August 6th at the Holy Cross Centre for a FREE Seminar on Hearing Aid Essentials.

Make the most of your mental fitness and reduce your chances of dementia!

Join us to learn how hearing impacts your brain power and what strategies you can use to maintain and improve your cognitive abilities.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions and enjoy complimentary snacks and refreshments.

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